ML 9820 Review, Maintenance and Upgrade

The Monitor Labs ML9820 Carbon Dioxide analyzer uses Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas correlation filter technology for quantifying carbon monoxide in air. A narrow band pass filter is incorporated to ensure only the CO2 sensitive wavelengths are measured by the ML9820. The instrument features an internal variable speed pump that uses microprocessor control to maintain sample flow.

ML9820 typical operational time of these internal pumps is expected to be between 3-5 years before maintenance is needed. In fact the life of the pump can be extended through flipping the carbon vanes on the pump of the ML9820. This should be considered only a temporary fix, designed to maintain instrument operation until the pump can be serviced replaced. You should consult with air monitoring professionals for the replacement and upgrade.

Annual maintenance on the ML 9820 is simple and straightforward consisting of replacement of o-rings in the measurement cell, cleaning of the measurement cell including the mirrors. Annual service kits for the ML 9820 include all the necessary o-rings and other items required for maintenance. Care must be taken when cleaning the mirrors so that they do not fall out of alignment. Mirror alignment is precise and must be performed in by an air monitoring equipment factory using a specifically designed laser jig for the ML9820. You should consult with an air monitoring equipment specialist company to assist with the upgrade.

We suggest that a simple upgrade path would be to discuss your needs with American Ecotech as their product line is well suited for a smooth upgrade.

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